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i was talking with my garden the other day . . .

Gardeners are thinkers, i think. You know how some folks say they do their best thinking in the shower? These people are not gardeners. Gardeners also take showers, but they have another space for thinking. In the garden space, the thinking is conversational.

So, i was talking with my garden the other day. A gardener talks with his garden, not just to his garden. The garden, it turns out, has plenty to say. “I’m like your life,” my garden was saying to me. “In so, so many ways.”

“i’ve read stuff like this before,” i said. “It’s overdone, in fact. i’m not gonna have a cliche relationship with my garden, okay?”

“No problem,” the garden replied. “But, you gotta admit that all this soil preparation has you thinkin’ about yourself, right?”

“Why?” i said. “i mean, just because this tiller and i have pulled like four miles of pine roots out of you today doesn’t mean that i have any inkling that there are embedded rootlike attitudes and secret sins that have a similar hold on me!” Under my breath, “cliche.”

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