Something to which i aspire

In the late 80’s we were involved in the oldest, continuously run Young Life Club east of the Mississippi. No pressure there–we only thought “Don’t mess this up” every time we walked into that high school. Until . . .

…one day we heard about a lady in that town who had been praying for Young Life 8 hours a day for 30 years. She prayed for leaders, staff, high school folks, etc., no kidding, for 8 hours a day.

One of my mentors taught us that we had to develop a capacity for prayer–meaning, we have to pray a lot to prepare ourselves to pray a lot. The school i was attending prepared missionaries for the field, and prayer was the primary tool.

How did that lady pray 8 hours a day? Well, i think she knew the Person to whom she was praying very well. She loved Him and enjoyed being with Him. And, she told me once, He loves me loving Young Life. So, this is my fellowship with Him, talking with Him about Young Life.

i’m convinced she is the reason we couldn’t mess it up at that high school–heck maybe she’s the reason folks laughed at dumb skits and came to club and camp.

Anyhoo, some of you have headed off to colleges & universities, and some are still in high school. We’re prayin’ for you. In some cases we know what to pray, in others we just pray your name. Not 8 hours every day, but every day, several times a day. We’re probably not the disciples that woman in Knoxville was, but we do enjoy the time with Him on your behalf. i hope that might encourage you…like the friend at midnight, we’re knocking on the door for you . . .

Have fun, and be careful out there. Blessings!–Mike

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