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It must be something like 29 years ago that i, as a fairly new believer, got involved in leadership of a youth group at Hilton Head Island. No single church or official group, this was an Island-wide thing. Before we knew it there were 80-ish high school folks at a real live Bible study every Sunday night, meeting in the home of the couple that led the thing. That level of excitement and commitment lasted for more than two years… dozens of folks met the Lord. It was cool . . .
Years later we looked back at that and asked the question, “What made that work?” Was it good teaching? I mean, we’d all had better . . . Was it relationships? Well, sure that helped, but we’d all been in ministries that depended upon relationships. Then we found out that one woman, wife of the teacher, prayed for every one of those 80 folks, and all of us leaders, by name every morning.
We determined that her prayers created “an umbrella of Grace” that we lived under. We all agreed, that was the difference.
So, Windy and i don’t do much right, but we want to do this. In ten years we want to look back and say, “We’ve been prayin’ for __________________ (fill in your name) every morning for 10 years.” An umbrella of Grace.
And that’s what this is about! –mike

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