The Bunny

We have a bunny. Well, actually, we don’t have him so much as he has us. i saw him in the yard last week, the day after Easter. Interesting timing . . .

We’ve known this bunny, sort of, for more than a dozen years. He took up with us so many years ago and we’d see him sitting out in the yard frequently back then. He’s grown, of course, into quite a healthy fella. i call this bunny “him” because “his” behavior is decidedly male.

See, the circumstances surrounding the bunny taking up with us are such that, i think you’ll agree he has to be a masculine bunny.

A friend was looking at our front yard one day and told us she had just the thing we needed. She left and returned in a while with a little concrete bunny about the size of a football. We nestled the little bunny under a holly bush near the front steps. “It” looked comfortable there.

It wasn’t long until we noticed that nearly every eveningĀ a live bunny would appear sitting right beside the concrete bunny under that bush! We thought it was hilarious and imagined “conversations” between the two. We figured these chats probably followed a similar pattern to those of Br’er Rabbit and the Tar Baby of Uncle Remus fame. The real bunny probably spoke in frustrated tones about how the concrete bunny NEVER spoke. Not giving up, Real Bunny kept coming back every dusk, sitting right beside “his” friend. i admired his determination. It seemed as though he had set his cap for “her” (Concrete Bunny), and would not be deterred.

So, it was good to see him back last week. i’ve noticed him hopping around near the Leland Cypress trees in the side yard. Windy has seen him too.

i have to say, though, the sight of Real Bunny has saddened me in a way. His relationship with Concrete Bunny must leave several things to be desired. For one thing, it’s the need to be known that he must be missing. Concrete Bunny may show some interest, but that interest can only exist in Real Bunny’s mind. It can’t be real. Isn’t that sad? It means that this gentleman bunny, romanticized in our memories, is leading a sadly delusional existence.

Oops. i’m afraid my real sadness is that Real Bunny has shown me something about my own life. About how i set my affections, all too often, on things that aren’t real. i hate it when that happens. Today i’ll seek what’s real out there, and get in touch.

Real Bunny, thanks, i think. i wish you a deep life full of real relationships. If possible, i’d love for you to know your Creator.

i’ll leave some food for you by the redbud tree this evening. Take care; we’ll have heavy rain today. Peace!

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