So, you want a garden? Plant it!

If the garden is tilled, fed, watered, and fenced, but nothing is planted there, is it still a garden?

Or is it just a garden plot.

We started the seeds in the house, in little seedling cups. All except for the tomatos, which Laura and Larry gave us as plants. When the time seemed right (no more really cold weather), we transplanted everything outside. Everything is arranged in rows pretty much. We drew a diagram so we could keep up with what’s what.

And we poured the water to it. For over a week we thought the tomatos weren’t going to make it. Imperceptible growth. Ditto squash, peppers, peas & beans, lettuce, cucumbers, and onions.

Jesse told me not to panick. “It’s the roots that are growing now. They’re finding the food and getting set up for the growin’.”

So, i went out there and spoke to the garden. This was over a week after planting. “Is this gonna work? i mean, are you gonna hold it against us that we don’t really know what we’re doing? Are you gonna let any of this live and produce?”

The garden said, “Go away. I know what I’m doin’. And, hey, back off the water a little, will ya?”

You know, i don’t like to be talked to like that. Especially by dirt that’s 3 parts cow poo. Made me mad, boy. i went in the house, bypassing the water spigget.

That was a few weeks ago. It’s rained some, and been hot some. We’ve only watered a couple of times since then.

Look at this:

Snagged these today, 6/14
Snagged these today, 6/14

i guess there might be something to that part about the roots needing time.

Caleb and i were yackin’ about “dry times” and it reminded me of the garden and of my grass, too. Somebody told me that when you deprive plants of water, the roots go deeper looking for it, and the plant gets stronger. Maybe in dry times or tough times in our lives, our soul goes looking for the grace and mercy to make it through.

Come on Grace and Mercy!

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