Abby’s Surprise!

Guion surprised Abby Friday night. i wasn’t there for the surprise itself, so i’m just reporting what i’ve heard.

He developed this elaborate scheme, it seems, so she would be caught totally off-guard. Some other people, Rose & Kemp, Christina, Eric, Emily, Win, Jonathan, Courtney and several others were were enlisted to

A great couple . . .
A great couple . . .

assist in the process. Kemp drew her into the circle and she watched closely as he “planned his proposal to Rose.” All these friends created a perception in order to get her away from the setup at the right time, and then back to the setup when everything was ready. I’ve heard tell of lilies, candles, coffee . . . and there was a ring, too. And, Abby’s house mates were decorating the place for the party after, and her parents were driving over from Davidson, and Windy and i were coming from different parts of North Carolina.

By the time Abby got to the arboretum on the UNC campus, she was thoroughly convinced that she was helping Kemp propose to Rose. So convinced was she, that when Guion appeared, on one knee, with the ring box opened before her, she didn’t believe it was really happening to her.

Caught her flat-footed. The video of them telling the whole story is a hoot. Take a look when you get a minute. It’s in two parts…
part 1
part 2

And, i’ll never forget the look on her face when she walked into her own house and saw her mother there waiting for a hug of approval. Priceless . . .

As i drove across the state late Friday afternoon, i was of course thinking of all Guion’s preparations for this time. He’s been laying the groundwork for weeks and weeks. Talked to Abby’s dad, Jak, and to her mom, Teresa, and her brother and sisters—and even her grandparents. He shared it all with us in frequent phone calls and a few conversations around the table. He wanted this to be one of the best moments and memories of her life.

So, i was thinking of all that as i drove. i thought about how all these people and events and “things” had been orchestrated so that Abby would feel incredibly loved. i was so excited for her. That there would be this moment when she would look around her and everyone she would see would be there because she is so loved.

Made me think of something else, you know…

i thought of that elaborate scheme, hatched so long ago, involving a scared couple camped out in a barn, giving birth to their first child. The family lines went back to David and his crowd so perfectly that you’d have to think even THAT was part of the plan. This child would grow in wisdom and stature, and become a teacher, healer, prophet, priest, and King. And . . . Savior.

And then one day, when i was least expecting it, when all kinds of people had been enlisted to help, and events had been orchestrated, this One (to use Abby’s phrase) stepped out from the crowd and made me an offer i couldn’t refuse. A proposal, if you will.

i thought it was too good to be true. But then i looked around at Lee and Ed and Marilou and Mike and Steve and Dale and so many other friends, and i knew they loved me and they assured me this was all true and the proposal from the Son was real. i never felt so loved.

And as i drove on Friday evening, i remembered that every one of us is loved like that, all the time. i thought about some of my friends who may not yet know that they are loved so intensely—or that they are loved at all, and i thought how we should get a scheme together, or maybe join one that’s already in progress on their behalf. Let’s call it Christmas! Let’s be sure they know it’s for them. That there’s a proposal of love that is dangling in front of them, presented like a ring in a box, theirs for the taking.

And, let’s treat each other like that, and folks different from us, and folks we have only heard about, and folks we’re told should be our enemies.

Congrats Abby & Guion. You are a gifts to me. Another way in which that Baby let’s me know i’m loved.

Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas.

Praying for all of you always,


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