We’re at the beach, see . . .

We’re at the beach, see . . .
Windy and i are at the beach this weekend with Win, Guion, and Abby. This has been our family vacation spot since the boys were very, very little.
Back then Windy and i noticed that, near the end of the day–maybe five or six o’clock–the boys would gravitate each to a space of his own and be very content to dig in the sand or whatever. It was sort of mindless activity, it seemed, and we’d watch them, wondering what was going on in their heads.
We finally learned to pray that Jesus would wander through their thoughts and leave his footprints there. It appears to be a prayer wonderfully answered.
We watched them playing on the beach yesterday. Abby says Guion becomes a six-year-old at the beach. I wonder why . . . ?
Peace to you, friends. Miss you all.


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