This is Achilles. He is virtually invincible. Seriously.

Of course I’m aware that cute puppies (Windy would remind me that all puppies are cute) attract everyone’s attention. So, I’ve used a cheap trick to, hopefully, grab your attention for just a minute…

Achilles is a great little guy we fostered for a bout a month for the Lab Rescue folks here in our town. He’s a Lab/Basset mix–they’d call him a “Bassador,” I called him a “Labass.” He came to us as “Mack” along with his brother, “Mick.” Mick was adopted the day after they came to live with us. Mack, or Achilles as he is now known, got pretty sick a few days later, and remained so for much of the month we had him. You can’t see it in the picture so much, but his two forelegs were mostly shaved so he could have fluids via IV, and his belly was shaved half-way up his sides so they could do an ultrasound to try to see what was going on. He probably had 20 shots of something or other while he was with us, and had about as much medicine as he did food. To survive all that, he really had to be invincible.

But cute the whole time. There were some days when he would just wander off and find a place to lie down. We thought he was looking for a place to die, maybe. But most days he would try his best to play to the extent of his energy, and then sleep. He got to know us very well, and was quite comfortable in our house, on our sofa, and under the drop-leaf table.

He had this thing he would do outside. We’d walk him to one side of the yard where he was most fond of doing his “business.” Then, we’d turn and walk back toward the deck. He’d come running and pass us. About three feet in front of us he’d duck his head and roll, finishing the move on his back with tail wagging, waiting for that tummy rub. It was cute.

A nice young woman from Virginia adopted “Mack” a couple of weeks ago. He took to her right away, and she to him. She’s sent us some great pictures and notes that indicate they are getting along famously. She renamed him “Achilles” which we think is quite fitting.

I’m getting to the point, really…

So, one afternoon in June I was out in the back yard with Achilles. We live on a golf course, and there were several groups playing through. The sixteenth tee is just across our back fence, so we pretty much hear just about everything that goes on out there.

So, this one group came to the tee–four men probably in their late 50s. The first gentleman stepped up and hit. As soon as his ball was on it’s way, the others all said things like, “Wow, look at that ball!” or, “What a great shot that is!” I thought, “now that must be a good player for those guys to gush like that about his shot.” So I watched to see what the next guy had.

He addressed the ball well. He’s played some golf in his time, I could tell. Then he took the club back in a very awkward way, and slashed at the ball stiffly–all arms and little follow-through. I winced for him.

“Wow Bob! Great ball man! What a shot that is! Look at that thing go!” His buddies were impressed, I guess, with the results.

Then I watched the next two in the group, with similar swings, as they hit their tee shots. The same chorus of encouragement came from their group-mates. Aha!

I picked up Achilles, that excited little pup, and whispered in his ear, “You know buddy, I’d like to play golf with those guys.”

Brothers and sisters, may we be such witnesses to Jesus in word and in deed, that lookers-on will watch us and say, “I want to do KINGDOM with those folks.”

Help me…

Praying for you always.

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