If Nobody Does

I missed one yesterday. I think I missed almost the same one Sunday. I hate when that happens.

Those “Nudges,” you know. I know where they come from. I know that the Source of these Nudges is smarter, more competent than me. But I, sometimes, consciously decide that I have a better idea. So I miss saying yes to the Nudge.

Yesterday I was in the Post Office. I’ve been in there so much lately I feel like I should know the people standing in line. A lady behind me had a big box she was kicking along the floor as we all moved toward our turn at the window. This person in front of me had a really cool, leather backpack. I’d never use something like that, but I kinda wanted one.

I’m standing in line at the Post Office, see. A bunch of my fellow town folks are there. We have work to do. We are MAILING STUFF! I was also to buy ten stamps.

Ok, this is really just a mundane activity. Roughly half of the men and women in line there never make eye-contact or speak to anyone else. In the midst of all that mundane-ness, almost out of nowhere, this happened…

In the Post Office, over the speakers recessed in the high ceilings, came the most beautiful rendition of a majestic Christmas hymn! At once my eyes focused on the speakers, but my poor little heart was immediately warmed by the sense of fullness this carol brought to the room. And I was Nudged to do something! Something I knew I really didn’t want to do. It was a simple thing I was Nudged to do. I should have just done it. I should have just spontaneously raised my hands. It sounds so simple now, but I reckon I was worried about what other folks — my fellow town members — might think, or how they might react. I didn’t do it. I didn’t raise my hands.

I actually wanted to do it. I have done it at times, but only times that my surroundings might have made such a thing more appropriate. Like in church, right?

Remember when I mentioned I’d missed almost the same nudge on Sunday? I was in church then. We were kneeling and the choir was tuning up before the service (I think that’s when it was), and I felt that Nudge to raise my hands. Same concern, same non-action on my part.

So, late yesterday afternoon I was driving downtown and I thought about my failure in the Post Office. I was apologizing to the Holy Spirit for missing the Nudge. Then I remembered how I felt in the P.O. I remember standing there not raising my hands, but wondering if the others in there had noticed the music. I thought, “What if everybody in here, and all over the world just stopped once in a while and, with full hearts cast their eyes toward Heaven and, yeah, raised their hands?!

You know, I’ve heard that “waves upon a shore were begun somewhere way across the ocean when a butterfly flaps its wings.” I don’t know if that’s true, but I do think something seismic might happen if we all raised our hands. Something would probably happen to gravity, or the winds might shift or something.

But now I realize this: hand raising isn’t the issue. The Nudge is the issue. Or better, learning to obey the Nudge is probably the thing. The reason is that the Nudge is really a call. Listen to this (or, read it…): The Nudge is a call from Jesus. Now, if Jesus called me on my phone, if I looked down and saw “JESUS” on my Caller ID, I probably wouldn’t just let it go to voicemail, would you? I’d tap the green button or swipe right, right?

“But don’t be botherin’ me about raisin’ my hands, hear?” I would not be, and you would not be saying that. “I’m the Lord,” he might say. “I just wanted to see if you’d do the hand-raising thing. I wanted you to feel what it’s like to follow the Nudge, because I love you. Something bigger is coming, and I want you to be ready. It’s the little things, you know…”

I’ve heard “it’s the little things” all my life, haven’t you? I confess that more than a little trouble comes from cutting the corner thinking it’s OK to “skip the little things.” Big mistake; huge.

Don’t move on, Lord (“Master”). I want to obey the Nudge. I know that will help me be closer to you, sense more of your presence. Please give me another chance. I’ll even raise my hands in public. I really will. I’ll also speak to that person, make that phone call, respect the dignity…

What is the current Nudge in your life? Jesus is always calling, always. He wants your attention, and mine. Would you sit still for three minutes (3) and ask him for a Nudge? It’ll probably be something you wouldn’t predict. That’s the fun of it. He’ll Nudge you not because he needs you, but because He. Loves. You. Will you ask him? And then, follow that Nudge, and then let’s talk about it. I love to hear what he’s asking of others. It encourages me.

See, everybody won’t raise their hands. But if nobody does, nobody will. Are you in?

Peace, friends,


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